Current Projects

TLP is Seeking Demonstration Sites for Two New Projects

  • Interested in being at the forefront of emerging building energy technology?

  • Interested in research-grade data on your properties?

  • Interested in taking advantage of incentives available for research participation?

Take a look at these opportunities currently available for building owners and/or leaseholders:


Gas-fired Heat Pump Demonstration

Overview: This is a field study of a natural gas engine-driven heat pump (GHP) for heating and cooling. The study will demonstrate the annual energy savings and cost-effectiveness of high-efficiency GHP in multi-zone and packaged rooftop configurations. The GHP uses low-cost natural gas with minimal electricity to reduce peak electric demand, generate significant net energy savings, and reduce operating costs, along with providing non-energy benefits such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The high efficiency heating performance of the GHP is also expected to reduce peak gas demand compared to standard efficiency gas-fired furnaces and boilers.

Seeking: Five commercial or residential sites in New York State for replacement of 10-20 ton RTU or multi-zone systems. Click here for more info, or contact Jordan Dentz through email at or phone at (212) 496-0800 Ext 130.


Maximizing the Effectiveness of Ductless Heat Pumps in Existing Homes by Demonstrating Integrated Controls

Overview: There is a trend for homeowners to install efficient ductless air-source heat pumps (ASHP) as a supplement to less efficient existing space conditioning systems, by adding one unit in a central living area. ASHPs have the potential to save energy by providing a large portion of the space conditioning in these homes, but in order to reach their full potential, their operation should be coordinated with the existing heating system. This project aims to maximize savings from supplemental ASHPs by demonstrating integrated controls that manage the interaction of both space conditioning systems to improve performance. Strategies will be demonstrated for existing central forced air furnaces/AC, and for central hydronic systems with zonal radiators.

Seeking: Twelve sites in New York State (NYC metro). Each site should have a ducted or hydronic central heating system plus an ASHP (or be planning/interested in installing an ASHP). Homes can be single family homes or apartments in multifamily buildings but the central heating system must serve only the one apartment/home exclusively. Homes must be full-time residences, be located in New York State and pay into the the System Benefit Charge on their utility bill. Contact Jordan Dentz at or (212) 496-0800 Ext 130.

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