The Levy Partnership, Inc. is a leading energy and building science consulting firm. Our staff consists of a tight-knit team of talented professionals with backgrounds in Engineering, Architecture, Building Science and related fields. We provide energy efficiency consulting services to building owners and developers, working on projects that promote energy efficiency, conservation, green building and sustainability.

We offer a competitive salary, a variety of health insurance plan options, a profit sharing retirement program, and a casual work environment conveniently located in midtown NYC. If you thrive on a full schedule, enjoy new challenges, seek innovative solutions and appreciate working with a talented team of professionals, please contact us.

To Apply

Submit your resume and a cover letter with annual salary expectations and a brief description of your relevant experience to


We are seeking an individual with a background in Architecture, Engineering, Building Science or related field to join our Building Sustainability team.


  • Manage various residential (multifamily and single family) energy efficiency and green building certifications (ENERGY STAR, LEED-H, Zero Energy Ready Home, Passive House, Enterprise Green Communities) for builder and developer clients

  • Perform field inspections and testing for state and city programs such as NYSERDA & NJCEP, green building certification programs, and other high-performance projects

  • Work on developing and evaluating innovations and new technologies for moving buildings to greater levels of energy performance

  • Conduct energy modeling, building simulation, system monitoring and evaluation

  • Participate with a team of professionals on efficiency programs funded by national, state and private research organizations that promote energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Facilitate energy efficiency demonstration and pilot programs sponsored by utilities and state agencies

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Engineering (Mechanical, Environmental, Civil or Energy), Architecture, Building Science or related field

  • Up to 5 years of relevant experience

  • Familiarity with residential and multifamily building construction, especially thermal enclosure and HVAC systems

  • Familiarity with building science and diagnostics (envelope and duct pressurization testing, thermal imaging, etc.), data logging equipment and data analysis

  • Software experience, particularly energy modeling (REM/Rate, eQuest, BEopt, Energy Plus, PHPP, WUFI Passive, SketchUp) and MS Office Suite, especially strong MS Excel skills

  • Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

  • RESNET HERS Rater/RFI, LEED, PHIUS, PHI, BPI, CEM certifications very desirable


We are seeking a talented and energetic Architect, Engineer or Building Scientist to work on projects that advance building innovation and sustainability. The Project Manager will conduct research and demonstrations of building technologies, recruit and work with industry partners, formulate project proposals and provide project oversight and day-to-day management.

The Levy Partnership conducts research for state and federal agencies as well as non-governmental organizations with the goal of developing and demonstrating innovations and new technologies for moving buildings to greater levels of performance. We manage the nation’s systems building research organization and lead one of the national Building America research teams developing and evaluating cutting-edge building technologies (


  • Collaborate with team members to develop research projects and prepare proposals for funding

  • Manage research projects, including relationships with funders, contractors and other partners

  • Attend and present research findings at national conferences

  • Work with a diverse group of industry stakeholders, including large builders, utilities and federal agencies

  • Work on programs with a national reach and exposure

  • Participate with a team of committed professionals on programs that promote building innovation and sustainability

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Building Technology or related field, with a strong background in building materials and technologies

  • Knowledge of building science principles, particularly related to residential construction (experience with factory built structures is a strong plus)

  • Familiarity with data monitoring and analysis

  • Familiarity with residential and multifamily building construction, especially thermal enclosure systems and HVAC systems

  • Excellent communication skills, particularly writing and presentations