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Learn more about our Technical Assistance Services, which can be coordinated along with your IPNAs.

Integrated Physical Needs Assessments


Our Integrated Physical Needs Assessments (IPNAs) are typically conducted for affordable multifamily properties working with City or State programs such as those by HDC, HPD, and HCR. It combines a thorough physical needs assessment (including 15-year capital needs forecast) with an ASHRAE Level II energy audit and health and safety inspection. The inspection covers all physical aspects of the building, including:

  • Walls

  • Windows

  • Roofs

  • Interiors

  • Lighting

  • Foundation

  • Sidewalks

  • Fencing

  • Yards / Courtyards

  • Exterior drains

  • Ramps, stoops and stairs

  • Gates

  • Trash enclosures

  • Open spaces / Playgrounds

  • Doors

  • Mechanical systems

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Compactor

  • Intercom

  • Security

  • Environmental hazards

  • Pests


All items are inspected for physical condition, need for repair or replacement, the urgency of the need, and cost of remediation. All common areas, including basement and roof, are inspected, along with 10% of apartments (minimum 3) per building.


The energy audit includes a utility bill analysis and an assessment of space conditioning, water heating and ventilation equipment, appliances, lighting, and other energy consuming building equipment. We measure combustion equipment efficiency and safety and inspect building envelope thermal properties. We will then prepare a set of energy efficiency recommendations tailored to the specific building. The recommendations include estimated energy savings and return on investment.


The final Integrated Physical Needs Assessment Report is in the format required by HDC/HPD/HCR. It documents building components and equipment; estimates their condition, expected remaining lifetime, and replacement or repair cost; and estimates immediate repair or replacement needs.


For a quote on an IPNA, please call us at (212) 496-0800 with your contact information along with a list of building addresses, number of apartments, and number of elevators per building.

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