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Embodied Carbon


Embodied Carbon (EC) in the built environment is carbon emitted pre-building operation. This includes emissions resulting from the manufacturing and transportation of building products and materials, as well as the construction process itself.

EC emissions from the building sector produce 11% of annual global GHG emissions (second to transportation). Embodied carbon, unlike operational carbon is out of sight, off site, and usually out of mind. As we continue to strive towards building sustainable, low-carbon, and carbon neutral buildings, we must account for embodied carbon in a building’s materials and construction process - just as much as we do operational carbon for the building’s functional lifetime.

The Levy Partnership provides analysis, calculation, and consulting on reducing EC emissions from new construction and building renovation projects. Using best-practice industry tools that combine life-cycle assessment, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and Global Warming Potential (GWP) ratings, we can help you better understand the emissions impact of your building and the many products that go into it.

Contact us for more information on how our experts can help ensure that your project is low or no carbon from design through occupancy.

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